Differences in Laptop and Macbook Rental

Do you require a MacBook? Don’t you think renting a MacBook is costly? Find out all the answers in this guide. Also, find out the differences between MacBooks and regular laptops. 

Over the last few years, renting equipment is on the rise. Now you can rent anything ranging from a laptop, printer to technical equipment. To cut extra costs on expenditure, businesses, especially the debuted ones, choose renting over buying. On the other hand, with the sudden outbreak of the pandemic, which increases the number of work-from-home employees too, they have chosen to rent for better management of funds and the requirement of a productive workstation.

MacBook is all the way perfect for office use, work from home, study, animation, gaming, and advanced video editing.

Differences in Laptop and Macbook Rental

MacBook, which is a product of Apple, allows you to work efficiently through its ecosystem. It means you can easily connect your Apple devices with your MacBook through its automatic sync system or iCloud. You do not need to store your files on cloud drives such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

Are you ready to be a part of the Apple ecosystem?

Quality user experience

First and foremost, MacBook has the smoothest operating system which makes it ideal for advanced tasks such as coding, graphics designing, and so forth. Unlike the MS operating system (a large number of global users get used to Windows rather than Mac), its operating system is fast, stable, clean and simple, and easier to use combining the latest processing speed of i5 and i7. With the latest incorporation of mouse and trackpad gestures, it is considered one of the tools of a perfect workstation. Usually, all the MacBook combines high-speed SSD and maintains a minimum of 8GB of RAM— enough for seamless performance.

Ultimate aesthetic and ease

At a glance, you can easily distinguish the difference between a regular laptop and MacBook. MacBook looks enticing, compact, and sturdy. 

Inevitably, MacBooks are pretty lightweight than regular laptops— great for mobility or transportation. It is the reason why every digital nomads prefer MacBooks for a hassle-free workforce.

In-built software bundle

MacBook comes with a pack of utility software such as Photos, iMovie, GarageBand, Keynote, FaceTime, and iTunes. Some can be downloaded free of cost and others come at a cost.  Besides, iStore includes unlimited free apps that are exclusive for iUsers. You do not need to bother as some of the Microsoft programs are compatible with MacBook too (e.g Open Office and Chromebook).

Retina display

There is no doubt that MacBooks maintain the best screen in the market. The retina display is easy on the eyes and offers life-like pictures. For people who have to spend hours throughout the day staring at the screen, MacBook is a perfect option because the screen has an anti-reflective coating and lacks air gap.

Optimization made easy

To be truth, MacBook’s operating system is designed in such a way that every element can be optimized for the best performance. The good thing is, optimization does not hamper battery life. Usually lasts up to 5 hours, MacBook’s battery is widely appreciated by users.

It is secondary— MacBooks are more secure; less vulnerable to hacking than other laptops.

Apple has a name for continuously working to better user experience. No doubt, the claim is quite true as it offers constant software updates fixing bugs and adding new features for a greater user experience.

The myth busted

Many people think that renting an Apple laptop is costlier than other laptops. It proves wrong by now. Anyone can now rent a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air at an economic rate. 

  • For anyone who has a short-term requirement of advanced tasks (e.g coding, animation, advanced video editing, or graphics designing) that requires highly-configured computers, renting a MacBook is what comes as the best alternative.
  • The cost of management of MacBook is high. Organizations that are struggling to maintain their MacBooks can also consider MacBooks for rent
  • MacBook can be rented from the latest models (e.g M1 or M2) to older versions with processing speeds of i5 or i7 as well. 

India Rentalz offers MacBooks on rent individually or commercially— a call away to get delivered your preferred MacBook model. 

There is frequent updation in the stock of MacBook rental. So it is advised to visit https://www.indiarentalz.com/apple_products for the available configurations. With us, you can rent a brand-new MacBook M2 too. 

Renting process

After choosing your preferred MacBook model, you need to furnish KYC with the required documents. It is just a basic background information verification process to measure the genuineness of the hirer. 

  • In some cases, you may ask for a refundable deposit along with the security cheques to successfully take the MacBook on rent.
  • Contact us if you’re planning to acquire ownership of the specific MacBook model.

Still, confused about what to choose— MacBook or regular laptops? We’ll guide you through the process. 

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