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Many people today who own a business online and even offline rely on laptops to execute their operations. Even people working from home or students learning online do need laptops for obvious reasons. However, if purchasing one isn’t what you are looking for, then you can get a laptop on rent in Gurgaon from India Rentalz.

India Rentalz is an online website where you can get your hands on laptops with the high end configurations as per your requirements. Not just businesses, we strive to render assistance to individuals working from home or working on a project for a fixed period of time.

Additionally, explore our wide range of laptops on rent in Noida, which guarantees excellent performance tailored to your specific needs.

Be it for your personal or professional use, our wide range of laptops will provide you the freedom to find the best-suited laptop. Renting a laptop has become a new cool these days because of the various benefits this service brings along. Firstly, you will be saving a good amount upon renting a laptop rather than buying one.

Secondly, we at India Rentalz cover maintenance and technical malfunctions, so you won’t have to sweat for updates and other expenses. The best part is that when you choose our services online, you can rent laptops for as short as a day and can extend up to a year easily.

You can avail the additional advantage of renting the laptop for longer durations, how? We offer impressive discounts on longer rental durations. For example: If your laptop rental duration is more than 6 months, then you can get a laptop starting from 1000 INR/month. Isn’t that interesting? Wait, there's more.

For big enterprises or companies looking to rent laptops in bulk, we have exclusive offers for you as well. Reach out to our team and brief your current and future requirements to get the best rental quotation, maintenance support, optional future upgrades, and free delivery at your doorstep. So, wait no more and check out our basic to high-end laptops such as Apple MAC, Lenovo, Dell, HP, Asus, Acer, and more.

What our Customers are Saying

Tanvi Mehta Says, " Being a student in engineering 1st year, affording a laptop was not feasible for me. After checking the website I finally chose a laptop and rented it at a minimal price for 2 months."
Rakesh Chawla Says, " My sister recommended this website and every year I rent a laptop for 6 months for my online projects. Highly recommended."
Vicky Sharma Says, " I love operating updated laptops but cannot afford new laptops. So, I've been using India Rentalz and enjoying their latest configuration laptops."
Ranjit Singh Says, " We frequently rent laptops, projectors, printers, and other rental equipment from them for our events delivered at multiple locations by their team."


Which company provides the best laptop rental services in Gurgaon?

To rent a laptop in Gurgaon at the best price, India Rentalz has been marked as the most trusted and professional online portal by its extensive clientele.

Can I get a laptop of a specific model or brand?

Yes, you definitely can. Our exclusive range of models includes various brands such as Dell, Asus, Lenovo, HP, Acer, Apple MAC, and more. Also, you can get Windows laptops, Laptop i5, i7, and an additional 8GB RAM and optional graphic cards on our website.

What is the minimum time period for renting a laptop from India Rentalz?

Enjoy the flexibility in rental duration at India Rentalz. You can rent a laptop for 1 day, months, or even up to a year as per your requirements. Note: By renting a laptop for a longer period of time, you can get the best laptop rental prices.

What is the minimum time period for renting a laptop from India Rentalz?

Enjoy the flexibility in rental duration at India Rentalz. You can rent a laptop for 1 day, months, or even up to a year as per your requirements. Note: By renting a laptop for a longer period of time, you can get the best laptop rental prices.

Does India Rentalz provide technical support when hiring a laptop?

Yes, we provide our hirers with our technical support available 24*7. You can easily raise a query on laptop rental online helpdesk if you encounter any technical issues. We assign you a support agent who helps in resolving your issue online or onsite depending on the query that needs to be resolved.

Can I get the laptop delivered directly to my location?

Yes, when you rent a laptop from our website, we ensure it reaches your destination with our free delivery in Gurgaon. Since we operate PAN India, you can place an online order for laptop rental. Get the exact delivery time after entering the PIN code of your area.

How much will it cost to rent a laptop in Gurgaon?

A few factors are mandatorily taken into consideration before delivering a laptop rental quotation. After figuring out the equipment configuration, location of the hirer, rental duration, and quantity, you will get a rental quotation at the time of checkout. Browse through our website and get a free quotation before confirming your order.

What documents do I need to submit to get a laptop on rent?

We at India Rentalz have an easy documentation verification yet highly secured. Once your online order is placed, you will be directed to complete the mandatory online verification. All you need to submit is your address and photo ID proof. We assure you that your personal information is secured and will be only used for verification purposes.

What happens to my data and files once I return my laptops?

After users return their laptops, they are factory-restored. However, before returning the laptop to us, we recommend that you take your data backup and delete it from the laptop.

What if I damage the product?

For the convenience of our customers, India Rentalz covers the maintenance of the laptops and assists our customers in case of any technical support or software malfunction. However, we are unable to cover damage and breakages in order to keep the rental competitive for you and the next hirer. You will be provided with the detailed rental terms so that you can review the inclusions and exclusions before confirming your rental order.

Is a security deposit required when applying for a laptop?

A minimal refundable security deposit is charged in addition to the rental cost to ensure that the rental laptop is used safely throughout the rental duration. You can rest assured that the deposit amount is fully refundable and will be returned to you online once you pause your rental period.

Can I extend the rental duration or return early

Yes, India Rentalz website provides you with the flexibility of extending or preclosing the duration. Simply raise the return or extend the request by logging into your account.

Getting Laptops to Rent in Gurgaon Made Easy with Industry Leading: India Rentalz

Earlier, getting laptop rental services was not a thing. A lot of stress was created for individuals, start-ups, or huge enterprises upon having to invest money in laptop purchases.

Well, not anymore! India Rentalz is a one-of-a-kind website where you can choose any laptop online and check the detailed specifications. Moreover, you can compare performance and best use based on your needs.

Individuals or organisations residing outside of Gurgaon can also get a laptop on rent in Delhi.

We also allow our hirer to review the actual images and videos of chosen laptops uploaded on the website. We have a wide collection of high-quality laptops all loaded with the latest OS, office, and other software required to enhance your working experience with our rental laptops.

So, stop stressing over your budget and get actual deals with India Rentalz. Wondering if rental charges are high for longer rental duration? Well, you would be impressed to acknowledge that the longer the rental duration will be, the cheaper the rental charge will be.

If you wish to rent a laptop for 6 or more months, you will save 20-25% more as compared to a rental duration of 15 days or a month.

One Stop Rental Solution for Laptop on Rent in Gurgaon

Gone are the days when getting a laptop on rent in Gurgaon was an uphill battle. No need to get indulged in those long-term contracts and N numbers of formalities that earlier were inevitable.

With India Rentalz, you can enjoy laptop rental services for a week, a month, 6 months, or a year. It all depends upon your choice. Yes, you heard that right.

We offer flexibility in various aspects to our customers. To elaborate, if you choose to rent a laptop for 6 months, you won’t need to pay rental charges for 6 months in one go, rather, you can pay month on month. We intend to keep you burden-free when availing our services.

You may even submit an application for a deposit waiver, which is approved based on the verification of your documentation. Also, at the time of payment, you will get an option of paying rental charges online or you can even pay after getting your order confirmation.

So, hurry up, and choose India Rentas today for your rental needs.

Single Or Multiple Laptops on Rent: 24*7 Assistance from India Rentalz

Are you still wondering how to get a laptop for rent in Gurugram? Well, once you browse our website, it won’t be a brain-storming task anymore.

With step-by-step guidance given on our website, you can easily find the desired laptop and order it with ease through our online payment. Be rest assured of a secured online payment mode.

If you still get stuck while carrying out the online ordering process, you can reach out to our helpdesk or WhatsApp us at 9738030303 and our team will be happy to assist you.

We have a vision to help students in completing their assignments on time, without compulsorily purchasing a laptop. The best part is, that you won’t be even burning a hole in your pocket to rent a laptop for any rental duration.

We have the most competitive prices across the vertical and make sure to offer the optimal quality services that our clients look forward to. So, place your order today and get a doorstep delivery.

Know Why India Rentalz is the No. 1 Choice for Renting Laptops Online

India Rentalz is the most preferred choice for individuals, start-ups, and businesses when it comes to renting a laptop in Gurgaon.

We have been making rounds in this vertical for 23 years and made sure to deliver more than expected to our clientele. Our extensive clientele is the reciprocation of the quality services we have been providing.

Be it the good condition of our laptops to our unparalleled doorstep delivery services, we excel in each service that we offer.

We have you covered for everything from resolving any technical issues to having the laptop delivered, upgraded, or replaced, and devices installed wherever you want.

You can contact our team via a variety of channels, including direct IVR call support, WhatsApp chat support, and online support systems, and we will be at your service.