6 Mistakes People Make While Creating IT Infrastructure in Startup

For startups, it is fundamental to sustain an effective IT infrastructure for hassle-free day-to-day operations of the business. Major issues such as reduced data acquisition, ineffective data storage architecture, networks, and communication arise mainly for weak infrastructure. More often, entrepreneurs overlook these issues and waste a maximum amount of time. Find out 6 mistakes people make while creating IT infrastructure in startup.

  1. Unstable network 

The network structure is the base of an IT system allowing organizations to work efficiently. Entrepreneurs rather give thought to it than designs made with the best intention and components. It often appears that startups can not maintain a stable network with time— ad-hoc changes are made, and equipment and cables are added. Eventually, the maintenance team could not perform on-time documentation due to the weakest network. It vastly occurs due to the frequent introduction of low-speed switches cascaded into high-speed switches. Therefore, organizations must turn into high-speed switches to boost employees’ productivity and overall business operation.

  1. Low system configuration

One of the biggest issues among startups is reduced processing power of computers. Organizations need to process data as quickly as possible. Therefore, an efficient industry system is a must.

If your startup holds a low-configuration system and you want data to process quickly, you are away from reality. For sure, hindrances such as this can negatively impact the organization’s growth.

  1. Low data storage and availability

Cloud storage is widely popular among businesses to keep data secure and all-time accessible from anywhere. Quite honestly, it seldom provides the required data storage architecture which is adequate for a variety of applications. Therefore, it is critical to accommodate efficient local data storage to run hassle-free.

  1. Access rights to company data

Information management combines Data Access Rights and Protection. Backup needed for information management. It must not be regulated by the information manager. All the Information Access Rights must be based on the role of individuals in their respective departments of the company. For any startup, it is critical to hold an active Information Management System to avoid data theft, which may lead to bitter legal and financial consequences. 

  1. Lower internet connectivity

With the massive digital shift, companies of any kind are needed to maintain efficient internet connectivity. Through the internet, they can connect to their branches, allowing customers to access their products or services effortlessly. Besides, most of the applications are cloud-based and therefore require strong, secure internet connectivity for smooth business operation.

  1. Unreliable, insecure email system

Email is one of the pivotal communication channels on the internet. Without an efficient email system can lead to formidable consequences such as delays in sending and receiving emails, email loss, and email spamming— eventually disrupting business operations. 

Why should you consider rented laptops for businesses rather than purchasing them?

First and foremost, renting is one of the economical ways to manage budgets effectively. It is a smarter option because you don’t need to invest in new laptops every two years as technical gadgets get obsolete within 2-3 years.

Leasing a laptop VS. buying a laptop

Leasing a laptop
  • Go with the latest technology or features without investing in a new one.
  • Regular technical support and zero maintenance cost.
  • Use before buying— choose the perfect one according to your requirements as you can try different models of laptops at ease.
Buying a laptop
  • Buying a laptop allows you to get unlimited options for hardware, upgrades, and peripherals.
  • Headache on time to time maintenance or repairing.
  • Can be costly if you intend to upgrade within the next 2-3 years.

Good things about leasing a laptop

  • Flexible payment schedule. It means you can rent monthly in your set budget— no more upfront amount.
  • Maintenance agreement offers hassle-free maintenance and repairing
  • Have the possibility of trying different laptops before finalizing on the right laptop.
  • Quick replacement whenever you want.
  • Offers technical support and no worry about your laptop warranties expiring.

Laptop leasing agreements may vary depending on terms and policies. It is advised to read it carefully before signing it.

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